Citymail Denmark A/S

2006 – 2008

Sales Manager - CityMail Denmark A/S 

CityMail Denmark (today “Bring Citymail”) was founded in Sweden in 1991 with the purpose of challenging the 354 years old, ingrained ideas about how mail was distributed. Nearly two billion items later they have grown into a company with about 1500 employees. The Danish department was founded in 2006. The goal was to break the old postal monopoly by reducing postage costs for all Danish companies. By creating unique models for sorting and delivering mail and streamlining the entire process, the result was a considerable reduction in the price.


  • Sales Manager with budgetary responsibility of the Danish market sectors: Public, Energy, Unions, Organizations & NGO’s, Industry and Drink Industry

  • Establish the sales organization

  • Managing a team of 7 employees

  • Participating in product and market development, creating sales, marketing and business strategy, implementation, monitoring, change and execution

  • Initiate, develop, drive and execute new solution initiatives within the industries


  • Fully operating sales team and organization after 6 months

  • Grew revenue from 0 to DKK 55.000 million (2007)

  • Key driver in implementing and usage of new CRM system

  • Developed and became key driver in “Happy Hour” where the sales and administrative department joined forces and challenged each other while canvassing the market

  • Grew customer base from 0 to 375 active customers

  • 85% renewal rate 2008

  • Implemented sales processes with forecasts, deal reviews etc.

  • Ensuring the team to over-perform budget in 2007 and 2008 - only team out of 5 (148%)

  • Assigning the biggest consolidator in the market covering 50% of the total annual sale budget in 2007 (DKK 22 Mill.)