Anbefaling fra Magnus Olsson

Anbefaling fra Magnus Olsson

Head of Sales and Account Management at Play'n GO

I had the pleasure to work with Heidi Have when I was managing HP Networking in Northern Europe, at different times during my tenure Heidi reported to me or to one of my direct reports. She was the most successful Key Account Manager we had in the team, and since we were outperforming the rest of EMEA and indeed at times the global HP Networking team, she stood out as a strong, dependable and over achieving member of the team.

The key factors to her success was her ability to combine sales acumen, a strategic mindset and an unmatched ability to tailor our value proposition to match real customer needs. I was always impressed by her energy level, focused drive and her clear understanding of the end goal and what was needed to get there. Heidi was always a force to be reckoned with, seeing opportunities in every new situation without wasting time on dead ends.

For me personally, she helped me develop as a Sales Director by giving candid, clear and direct feedback that I could use and build on. When we disagreed, we always found a way forward that was mutually acceptable and beneficial, when we agreed she was an amplifier and a catalysator for each initiative. Heidis closing mentality and her strategical thinking became a corner stone in my planning and the success we enjoyed.

After I left Hewlett Packard, Heidi and I have continued to stay in touch and I am now pleased to count her as one of my friends. I have seen her use her abilities to grow her leadership skills without losing any of the above characteristics. If I ever end up needing a leader or a team builder with an entrepreneurial mindset and unmatched people skills, I would not hesitate reaching out to her.